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Immersive Audio

What it is and how it differs from stereo

Think of how you perceive the sounds of the world. Imagine yourself walking around a big city… To your left, cars and bicycles pass you by; beneath you, a train decelerates reaching its destination; the giggly couple behind you heads towards the cafe to your right and you grow closer to the street artists playing their instruments straight up ahead. Your ears are your best spatial sensor because they capture sound coming from all directions, where even your sight can’t reach.


Stereo allows you to place objects from left, center and right, as clear as sight. Immersive audio introduces the 3rd dimension, where you identify sound coming from above, from below, from every direction, without limitations - listening in your headphones, home theater, soundbar, or in a professional studio. Immersive audio takes your world from plane to spherical.

Immersive Audio, 3D ou 360?

There are so many terms and opinions on the subject of sound beyond stereo, it might feel like an incomprehensible concept. What better way to explain than through sound? Our first studio, projected and built around Immersive Audio, is our most powerful tool in the demythification of the ominous 3rd dimension. From creation to development to demonstration of sound, ANZ Immersive Audio offers full structure not only for people to experience 3D audio, but also to experiment with it. As pioneers of Immersive Audio in music in Brazil, our mission transcends performing at the highest level. Our mission is leading the way for a new generation of artists and listeners.

Dolby Atmos

Sound has never sounded so good. Feel a deeper connection to the stories and music you love with sound that moves all around you with breathtaking realism.

Audio Samples

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