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360º Live Events

With over 10 years of experience in Dolby Atmos and many others in immersive audio, we specialize in designing, installing and controlling any immersive setup for corporate events, clubs, electronic music parties and festivals, music concerts, theater, multimedia installations, exhibitions and where else immersive creativity takes us.

Come chat with us and immerse yourself in your event experience.

In this event that took place at MIS in São Paulo, between September 2021 and February 2022, we designed and installed a fixed Dolby Atmos setup that worked every day of the exhibition, in addition to mixing 7 songs by Rita Lee specifically for this space.

Rita Lee - Dolby Atmos.jpeg

Surreal Festival @ Surreal Park - Camboriú - April 2022

We took to a club for the first time in Latin America, Dolby Atmos with real-time manipulation by the artist, with a Live Set by Gui Boratto in immersive audio at Surreal Park, in Camboriú, on April 21, 2022.

Pictures by Ale Branco & Nathalia Zabeu

Hipinosis - São Paulo - Gui Boratto - May 2022

Pictures by Sigma & Thiago Rafael

Moving @ D-Edge - São Paulo - Gui Boratto | =VlookUp Atmos - June 2022

Pictures by Ale Branco & Tatiana Leite

Hipinosis - Binaryh - August 2022