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More Efficient Game Localization
+ 2,000,000 Files Delivered

Why are we more efficient?

We are a company with constantly developing procedures to save time and minimize risks, easily adapting to the needs of our customers.



We developed a work platform, based on the Agile Methodology, which optimizes the processes for localization of games.



Joining a work team with experienced professionals and modern tools, we plan, execute and manage each stage of the project.



We guarantee quality of service and information security, using 256-bit AES encryption with SSL/TLS. 

Know more about our services.

At ANZ, our client chooses to contract the service by specific stage or for all processes in the localization. 

Localização de Games e Sound Design
Information systems

Our internally developed system allows us to receive the material, validate, organize and generate monitoring reports for our customers.

Pre Production

We prepare the material for recording, estimating time, setting up scripts and working sessions, with a team of native translators e  specialized in games.


We have partner studios where we can accompany your recordings or perform the recordings of the dubbings.

Post production

We edit and master the audio, as well as rename the final files, always meeting the technical specifications of each client.

Localização de Games e Sound Design
Quality control

We have professionals dedicated to quality control, ensuring the excellence of the audio files and scripts delivered.

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