About Us

Upon his first contact with immersive audio, our founder André Zabeu realized the kind of impact this new technology would have in the future of the arts and media, and that’s when he conceived what is today ANZ Immersive Audio.

Our first studio, in São Paulo, was projected and built to meet the demands of immersive audio and the countless possibilities it creates, with versatile spaces and high-end equipment.


In the same level of excellence, we have a team with distinct areas of expertise.


Meet our team.

Founder / Owner Partner | Audio / Music / IT / Games / Events

I.T. / Project Management / Games Localization / Audio Logistics / Special Projects / Sound Engineer / Immersive Audio Mixing Engineer / Solutions Engineer / Audio System Engineer / Field Application / eMusic / Designer

Worked With:
Dolby Laboratories / Eletronic Arts / Macias-Group / TV Group / Studio Luminatta / Google / Warner / Warner Games / CBS / Riot Games / Disney / Lucas Film / Marvel / Netflix / Pixar


Owner Partner | Audio / Music / Acoustics

Sound Engineer / Scoring Engineer / Orchestra Recording Engineer / Mastering Engineer / Musician / Producer / Electronics Technician / Acoustical designer - Consultant / Events Technical Manager - Sound Supervisor / Live Recording Engineer / Music Post production & Mixing / Scoring Post Production / Hi-End recordings / Special productions / Remote Recording - Portable Equipment / Live events music mixing Engineer / Orchestra PA FOH Engineer / Field Recording Engineer - Music projects & dialog 


Brazilian Pioneer in Multichannel / Immersive Audio - Working with Immersive Audio since 1995

First 5.1 / 7.2 Music studio in Latin America - Anonimato Studios

First Dolby Atmos Movie Mixed in Brazil (Pelé, a Origem) 

First Dolby Atmos Music Mixed in Brazil (AnaVitoria Calendário)

First Immersive Dolby Atmos Audio Podcast Tests

First Immersive Dolby Atmos Audio Book Tests 

First Immersive Dolby Atmos Music Studio - ANZ Immersive Audio


Worked with:
 Universal Music / Warner Music / Globo Network / Microsoft / EA Electronic Arts / Disney / Telecine / HBO /  CNN / Casablanca Filmes / Riot Games (CBLoL) / Garena (Free Fire) / Sesc / TV Cultura / Abril Music / Bandeirantes Group / MTV / JVC Japan / Jovem Pan / 89 FM / Nike / Imovision / National Geographic / Volkswagen / Peugeot / Fiat / C&A / Sadia / Petrobras / Bradesco / Yamaha / Telecom Italy



Owner Partner | Audio / Music / Research

Dr. Lala Padula is a Brazilian musician, composer, producer, teacher and researcher. She holds a joint BA honours degree in Music Education and Sound Production at the Federal University of Paraná, and a Masters and PhD in Music Education and Cognition, at Federal University of Bahia, Brazil supervised by Dr. Diana Santiago. In 2015, she was awarded a scholarship from CAPES Foundation, an agency under the Ministry of Education in Brazil, to conduct her doctoral research at The University of Sheffield, UK, supervised by Dr. Victoria Williamson. Since 2016 she is based in London working as researcher, composer, musician and producer, collaborating with different artists, collectives, museums and research labs as V&A and the Centre for Performance Science at the Royal college of music. 

Worked With: Tim Festival 2006 / 2007 Brazil. Tour Black Eyed Peas, 2008/2010, Brazil; Just a Fest - Tour Radiohead, Kraftwerk, 2009. Sapucaí - Rio de Janeiro / Chácara do Jóquei - São Paulo Brazil; Tour Alanis Morissette, 2009. Brazil; Tour Elton John & Band, 2009. Brazil; Tour Oásis, 2009. Brazil; Tour Iron Maiden, 2008, Brazil; Tour Joss Stone, 2008. Brazil. Nokia Eve 2008, Ipanema, RJ. 

Sócio Proprietário | Finances

15 years of experience in financial planning on large consumer goods companies. 4 years in commercial negotiating and contracts for Wholesale and Retail chains.

Associate Engineer

Graduated from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie on Electrical Engineering with a focus on Teleccommunications, Boris has been in the audiovisual industry for over 15 years, working  with film, broadcast, post-production, cutting-edge technologies for sound and image acquisition, processing, encoding, transcoding and transport over SDI/IP infrastructures. Vast experience integrating and implementing solutions. Conducted proof of concepts and technical presentations for broadcasters and telecommunication providers.
Knowledge on broadcast, film, and video standards, digital and analog preservation and restoration process of myriad of legacy formats.

Music Producer / Manager

Nathalia “ZABZ” Zabeu is a singer/songwriter set in Brooklyn, NY and São Paulo, SP. After attending Conservatório Souza Lima, Faculdade Souza Lima and renowned Berklee College of Music, she’s had the opportunity to write and perform neo soul, funk, pop, and other genres with artists from all over the world, enriching her musical vocabulary and reaffirming her connection to her roots: blues and rock. New York City, the vibrant metropolis saturated with high level professionals and tough competition, was the perfect set for ZABZ to blossom and awaken her musical identity, which transcends genres and leaves a fingerprint in each song written or performed. Nathalia’s constant search for growth reflects currently on her technical audio studies and music production.

Executive Producer / Music Composer

Thomaz Magalhães is a compositor and executive producer with a focus on soundtracks.

Awarded for his soundtrack on the feature film Inversão at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival, Thomaz has also composed the soundtrack for Pelé - A Origem (Amazon Prime and Now), acted as Musical Director on the animation series Coração das Trevas (TV Cultura), and finalized the series Mulheres Possíveis (GNT) and Mundo Estranho (Record). He has also worked in campaigns for major enterprises, such as: Sony Channel, Disney, Petrobras and Google.

Music Producer / Sound Engineer

Audio Technician / Music Producer
Thiago Zanolli has been a Music Producer and Audio Technician in the audiovisual industry since 2008. He has worked as an Audio Director for the channel Showlivre.com from 2011 to 2013 and since then, has developed numerous publicity campaigns for Audiovisual Production Companies, Publicity agencies, as well as his own production company, Fluxo Áudio. Such works have as a result his expertise in various skills, such as: editing, mixing and mastering; soundtracks; jingles; sound FX; recording overdubs and voice overs.

Music Producer / Sound Engineer

The multi-instrumentalist Filipe Gomes started his career as a musician in 2001, and since has worked in various studios and audio production companies in São Paulo, where he acquired experience in different areas: artist production, TV, filme and publicity soundtrack, mixing, editing and recording overdubs as well as voice overs.

Eletronic Music Producer / PR

One of the most important figures in Brazil’s electronic scene, with over 20 years of experience as a DJ and Music Producer, Paula Chalup has been in the biggest national festivals, such as Rock in Rio and Tomorowland, and clubs all over the world, including Lov.E e Fabric.uk.

Currently performing on Livestreams, IAO aka Paula Chalup is a member of D.O.C. records, one of the most important Brazilian labels, where she has the great producer Gui Boratto as a collaborating creator. Looking to always expand her horizons, Paula Chalup became an associate at ANZ, introducing artists as well as her own work.

Music Producer / Sound Designer

Marco AS began his career in the early 90’s and is a pioneer in Brazilian electronic music. Founder of the band Influx, he has performed in the main clubs and electronic music festivals around the world over the last decades.


In 2004, he started Click Box, which got the attention of Magda, Troy Pierce and Marc Houle and brought him to Items & Things, part of the legendary label Minus, by Richie Hawtin, which at the time had Marco as their only Brazilian artist, and where he released a series of EPs, singles and albums. Nearly a decade after, in 2014, Marco AS made the decision to follow his own path musically, and since has worked with Marina Lima, Fernanda Abreu, Richie Hawtin aka Plastikman, Marc Houle, Magda, Troy Pierce among others; produced the album “Voodoo Prazer” by Danilo Moralles; began the duo “Bleeping Sauce” with DJ Eli Iwasa. Marco is also a long time partner of one of the most famous bands in Brazil, “Jota Quest”, as co-author and sound designer. Already under the pseudonym M.A.S., the artist signed with DOC Records by Gui Boratto in 2014, where he released singles, Eps and music videos that visually showcased his versatility.


Marco AS lives for constant production, and his most recent focus is directed towards his new livestreams and his new releases.